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Fun Junctions

created 1st March 2006

Was Magic Roundabouts

Going Underground

created 1st March 2006

Was Tunnels & Underpasses

Numbering Quirks

created 1st March 2006

Was Duplicated Road Numbers, Lost Motorways, Near-Motorways, Out-of-Zone Roads

Ring Roads

updated 1st March 2006


Road Trips

updated 13th March 2006

M1 - Blackburn Footbridge added

Strip Maps

updated 1st March 2006


Unfinished Business

updated 6th March 2006

Stansted Airport Approach Road added; M606 deleted


updated 1st March 2006



created 1st March 2006

Was Reference


updated 1st March 2006


Contact Me

updated 1st March 2006



Some brief notes on the changes

There is now an RSS feed (live bookmark) so you can drop in on the latest content. Although this is intended to eventually replace the email update system I'll keep the two running in parallel for some time.

Former sections of the site have been dropped because they were either non-starters, have had their information made available elsewhere on SABRE, or have kick-started other sites and so have run their course here:

For the new or revamped sections:

Still lots to do: the site is likely to change dramatically in the next month or so.

Updates will be @ 9am every Monday!

Also, a plea for emails

If you sent me mail about anything on this site which hasn't made it to this update, please re-send it (I lost all my mail from June 2004 to December 2005).


3rd March 2006